Jennifer Llado, MS, MS, CCC-SLP established Bright Side Therapy, LLC in 2012 after a few years of research, development and serendipity. She was initially inspired to create a more dynamic form of treatment for her patients with severe left neglect. In 2012, the Visuospatial Training Tablet was born.   Jennifer was also tired of lugging around workbooks and binders.  In 2013, she developed the FlashBook series.  FlashBooks are up-to-date, relevant and functional exercises loaded onto a USB drive.  The Patient & Family Education FlashBook is Bright Side's most popular product.  In 2013, we joined forces with Lash & Associates, AliMed and Direct Supply to offer our products to a wider audience.  We hope to inspire SLPs and make the job of providing therapy a little bit easier by offering high quality, innovative products. 


“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

–Albert Einstein

Bright Side Therapy, LLC would like to express deep gratitude to those who have supported our growth by sharing their wisdom and inspiring imagination.

  • Frank and Diane Papa (Initial Visuospatial Training Tablet Design)
  • Ian Llado (Sales Guru)
  • Human Electronics (Electrical Engineering)
  • John Fitzsimmons (Product Development)
  • Nick Parker (Logo Design)
  • Dan Eisner, OT, CC (Coach and Co-Author of the Meditation FlashBook)
  • Brenda Lovette, SLP (Co-Author of the Dysphagia Recipe FlashBook)
  • Center for Women and Enterprise, Boston
  • ASHA Leadership Development Program 2011
  • Our Customers!